For the Children

Hi Folks,

I hope and I pray that this post finds your and your family healthy and happy. I want to add another fun teaching game for you and the kids to play. It’s simply called the “stalking game” and Grandfather had us play the game often. Basically all that you will need is but two people to play the game. One person will be the stalker and the other will be the spotter. It is best to begin this game, especially when dealing with young children in an open area like a back lawn. As the child’s ability grows you than then move the game into the thicker woods and brush. The better the stalker is the thicker the brush should be.

The game is simple enough in that the spotter stands at the far end of the stalking arena no matter in the open field or the thick brush and turns his back on the stalker. The stalker starts at the far end of the arena or playing field and begins to quietly stalk the spotter. Periodically the spotter will abruptly turn and not matter what position the stalker is in he must freeze motionless. If any movement is observed the stalker is then sent back to the starting position to start over again. If the spotter detects any noise he will turn to where the noise came from and if a stalker made the noise he is sent back to the starting position to start all over. Remember to cut the younger stalkers some slack in that you want to keep this a fun and active game.

Another modification of the game that Grandfather often used is that the stalker, the spotter or both would be blindfolded. If the spotter is blindfolded he or she must pay rapt attention to any noise and if heard the spotter will turn remove the blindfold and bust the stalker that made the noise. The stalkers can also be blindfolded to increase the intensity of the game. Then again both the stalker and spotter can be blindfolded which really makes them push their other senses to the limits. The Coyote Teaching here is that it not only perfects the stalkers ability but also forces them to “sense” either the spotter turning or the stalker moving depending on which position you have chosen. Keep in mind that this exercise can also be done indoors if you can’t easily get outside. Blessings and Enjoy!!! Tom