Pandemics II prep.

Hi Folks,

I thought that the best way to get this out to all of you who are attending the Surviving Pandemics II online class beginning Friday evening is to Post it in this Blog. I want you to be aware that the things that I will be teaching in this Part II class are not just for use in surviving pandemics or for that matter any of the elements of Grandfather’s Prophecy that are fast coming our way. The techniques and teachings will open a huge doorway for all of you and the application of these teachings are expansive and limitless, reaching into all that you do as a Child of the Earth. I would strongly suggest you have a notebook with you while viewing the class, not just to jot down your questions but also stress the various areas of teaching that will have a tremendous impact on your life. Remember that like Grandfather most of my teaching is through the Way of the Coyote and possesses layer after layer of meaning open to anyone seeking the deeper meaning in the teachings. Remember too that none of this is mine, for it is Grandfather and the long list of Elders that searched for the truth from where the teachings are derived.

Beginning today or tomorrow I want all of you who are enrolled in the class to go deep into the Warning Prayer at least 3 or 4 times a day. When you do and if you get that uneasy feeling that we talked about I want you to write it down as in the time, the place and the feelings that comes with that feeling. Going further and deeper with this exercise and no matter how slight the uneasy feeling is, I want you to identify and feel where in your body this feeling effects you. You will find in short order that each different warning hits you differently and in a different part of your body and Soul. Also when those feelings come I want you to research them fully by going from Surrender to Surrender while paying attention to the messages that are revealed.

Another thing that I need you to do is to have 6 identical cups handy during the three sessions of the program/class. Any cup or container will do provided that you can’t tell them apart and that they will hold a liquid. The size of the cups are not important so anything that will hold a few ounces of liquid to 16 ounces will work well enough. I also need you to collect 4 small sticks about the size of a pencil and also collect 4 small stones the size of a marble. Please do not take the sticks or stones from anything you have collected before but rather make this a fresh collection. One last thing I need you to do is to collect some soil in a cup from your yard, garden, park or woods and I will need a second cup of soil collected along a roadway, the busier the roadway the better. We will be using most of these items that you are collection within the first few hours of the program and periodically through the entire series. There will be no time to collect these things when the program begins.

Please don’t forget to go through the Warning Prayer at least 3 times a day and record the results, no matter how slight those feelings might be. This is extremely important. You folks who are long time students, Medicine Society members and Elders please do the Warning Prayer exercise even though I know you have been doing it for a long time. As I said, all the teachings will be new and expansive for everyone. Blessings to all of you, In Medicine, Tom