Dr. James W. Brown

As many of you know I’m running a 3 day program on how to stay safe during the corona virus pandemic. I’ve held off doing this class for years as I waited for the moment to be right and the need great. I must admit I’m more nervous about this class than any other class I’ve taught in the past 41 plus years. It is not so much the information and skills that I will be teaching but more so the sheer volume of material I want to get across. Even though I began writing up this class nearly 30 years ago as we approached the situation we all now face I’ve had to add more and more to the outline. The problem is that in the final analysis I can’t really cut any of it out. Subsequently if you are enrolled in the class starting tonight at 5:00 pm. prepare for the class to run overtime. Even though the program will be available to you in a download after the program is finished I would suggest strongly that you have a notebook with you to highlight the most important areas and to record your questions which will be answered online.

With that being said I’m so pleased and thrilled to announce that my brother Jim will be with me during the Sunday program. Jim’s specialty is infectious diseases and he has traveled all over the world lecturing to various colleges, medical facilities and disease oriented institutions. He is also a retired member of the New Jersey board of health as well as a retired Dean at Ocean County College. He earned his masters and Phd at the Institute of Microbiology and Biochemistry and Rutgers Medical School. Most of his work has been cutting edge research, prevention and testing. Today he runs an award winning online class that is affiliated with several major universities. Jim is one of the most skilled and knowledgeable researchers I have ever met. He is not just my brother but also my best friend. During the latter part of the program he will be with me to answer your questions and give you sound advice.

Needless to say if I sound proud of my brother that is an understatement for the decade I was wandering he was working several jobs, teaching at the university and researching his thesis. He dedicated himself to something I could never do. Finally, and keep in mind that he was often the tag along with Grandfather Rick and Me but because of a bone degeneration in his ankle he couldn’t come to the camp on a consistent basis.

I’m so thrilled to have him as my guest for this online program on diseases and surviving pandemics. I know that he will help balance out the program in a very powerful way. The great thing about Jim is that he had the best of both worlds meaning a strong cutting edge science background and Grandfather. In dealing with the horrors we all face he will make a great balance in the program.
Blessings and In Medicine to all of you. Tom