Wilderness Diseases

Hi Folks;

Wow!!! What a great class. The online class on pandemics and the corona virus surpassed my wildest expectations. The responses and questions we received from all of you showed a great deal of enthusiasm, caring and dedication. At once it has become one of my favorite classes but also a bit of a nightmare at times. The big stressor for me was trying to reach a broad spectrum of students from those who have taken scores of classes to those who have taken no Tracker Classes. I cant remember how many hours I poured over the class outline, adding, removing, and modifying till I felt I reached a point where I could reach everyone. My brother Jim was great at rounding out the class especially with his strong scientific background in infectious diseases. We prayed that this class would alleviate many of your fears and build a certain confidence that will see you through these troubled times and those yet to come.

That being said, Jim and I have been working on a book together called WILDERNESS DISEASES; the avoidance, prevention and the treatments available both from Nature and from modern science. In the book we will teach you how to avoid the many diseases that are so easy to infect the folks who are not aware of them. The book is still about 16 months away from being published so we thought, “why wait”! Subsequently Jim and I are in the process of developing a class that we will put online sometime in May. Given the way this past class on pandemics had gone I believe firmly that the Wilderness Diseases online will be even more of a success. We will keep you posted as to dates and times.

Blessings and In Medicine, Tom