Thank You!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who sent cards, wrote letters, emails and texts whishing the Tracker School a Happy 42 anniversary. Actually my first real class was back in 1962 when I was but 12 years old. That was when a very dear and close family friend and retired State Trooper, Uncle Joe, asked me to help him teach a small group of troopers to track lost people as well as fugitive recovery. As you will remember if you took the Standard Class Uncle Joe was the person who got me started tracking for law enforcement and forensic investigators. I subsequently met with those same troopers and many more over the next 5 years at least twice a year. For my first weekend teaching they gave me $5 which was a small fortune back then for a poor Piney kid. Through all of my years of teaching there is one thing that remains constant and that is Grandfather and his mastery of skills both physical and spiritual. None of what I teach is mine for it belongs to Grandfather and the great lineage of Elders.

As I look back over so many years that have gone buy I often think back to the early days when I first began to teach in 1962. Back then no one knew what a tracker was or what they did. And the only thing out there that resembled any form of survival was classes given to the military recruits and aviators. Wow have we come a long way from those early days. It is a bit ironic that during March of 1962 Grandfather took us to the Hill called Prophecy and told us of the four warnings of the oncoming collapse. From that day on I began to warn people of what was to unfold and once again we face another of Grandfather’s Prophecies coming true in the form of the latest pandemic with yet more to follow.

Thank you all and In Medicine, Tom