Update/some thoughts

Hi Folks,I just wanted to share a few thoughts with you on the corona virus pandemic that will become a tremendous learning experience for all of you. As I said in my last post, don’t look at this pandemic through the eyes of fear or panic but instead look at all of this as a grand adventure and a challenge. If you back away from it all and take a long hard look at what is going on all around you it will not only amaze you but provide you with vital information needed for the horrific future we all will someday face. ‘

By observing people closely you will gain tremendous insight into how people are coping or not coping with the pandemic. Observe people like you are a fly on the wall, feel the tension in the air as you go into the more populated areas. Watch how they drive, search for food and toilet paper, make pathetic preperations for the unseen where some of the things people do boarder on panic laced insanity. Up until this point in their lives survival to most people was missing lunch or a thermostat set below 72 degrees. Most folks have never been in a survival situation and subsequently don’t have a clue what to do. Here is a golden oppertunity to observe people facing a survival situation and though many will not admit it, people are generally frightened where the fear of the unknown is driving them to distraction. As I said, this is a grand learning experience because it will prepare you for even harder and more frightening times that lie ahead.

One of the great rewards of watching people is that you remove yourself from the overall situation. By becoming emotionally detatched you observe things clearer and without prejudice. Also by watching people you will learn from their mistakes along with much of the panic induced behavior that is driving them. This gives you a tremendous edge and confidence in your own skills and abilities. Whenever possible use your Inner Vision to go deeper into the workings of humankind. Beyond observation of people and their actions look at the concentric rings that they put out. The very landscape and wildlife react differently than they have under normal circumstances to a point where it seems like the entirety of creations is caught up in the maddness.

One last thought. If you find yourself temporarily laid off use that home time wisely. Work on the skills that you learned at the Tracker School. With each element of Survival and the Sacred Order; shelter, water, fire and food, work each of these elements into a city or suburban environment and then push the skills further to fit the circumstances and elements of the pandemic we now face. The more you watch and closely observe people and the more your work on your basic survival skills the more you will feel a healing taking place. Not only will your confidence grow stronger but you will feel a certain deep peace, a visceral knowing that can’t be explained in words. At that point you will know beyond a doubt that you will survive, learn and finally transcend all concerns. We are all on this journey, this challenge and this grand adventure together and as Grandfather said, “only the children of the Earth will survive”.

Blessings to all of you,