Pandemic Update

Hi Folks,

Well another one of Grandfather’s prophecies is unfolding just as he said. Since he told me of this back in 1962 atop Prophecy Hill I’ve been preparing for this and many more to come in the very near future. Yet with all the preparations I’ve made mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually the reality of it all still makes me feel like I’ve been gutted. Even with all of the visions and visionary nightmares I’ve had through the decades, warning class after class of Grandfather’s warnings, nothing can really prepare you for the real thing such as this pandemic to take place.

Needless to say that I’m deeply concerned for everyone in the Tracker Family and community. I’m not so much concerned about the physical challenges posed by this pandemic but more for the mental and emotional health of all of you and your families. After all so many of you are highly trained survivalists and I have little doubt that what you learned in your Standard Tracker class will easily translate into the circumstances we all face now. I’m even more confident in those who have been through even the basic Philosophy Workshop for that alone will insure your survival and the survival of those closest to you. But here in this latest update I want to add something that may ease your concerns and it deals with the way you look at the ever worsening situation we all face.

There are two ways of looking at and living with the situation we are living in. One option is to get all worked up in fear, follow the masses and buy enough toilet paper to stuff a mattress, (why I guess I’ll never know) OR look upon and live the situation as a challenge, a grand adventure. Look back on our parents and grandparents who survived the dust bowl, the great depression and World War II with extensive rationing and hardship. You see those are the stories we grew up with and as the old ones tell it there is a sort of yearning, an excitement and adventure in their tone and voice. That is what you and I have to do. I look at all of this as a grand adventure, where you are living life close to the edge, where every move has to be calculated. The challenge that this all poses is the most exciting thing because I love challenges where they take you to the bare bones of emotion, empowering my mental attitude to reach the intense heights of adventure.

So take the positive “can do” approach, know that you have the skill to survive and protect you family and those closest to you. Don’t look at this as a hardship or a gut wrenching worry but rather look at this as a grand adventure, a challenge that will test your survival skills, your mental and emotional strength, and a grand way to empower your spiritual life and living with an unwavering trust in the Great Mystery that you will be protected. Its all up to you and your choices. You can choose to live in fear bordering panic or you can choose to make this into one of the greatest adventures and challenges of a lifetime.

I’m praying for all of you. May the Great Spirit Bless all of your Trails, Tom