The Quiet

Hi Folks,

Its times like these that we have to pay very close attention to the subtle nuances of the Earth and the World.  Right now its all too quiet, hushed, as if something is waiting to happen, very much like the calm before the storm.  I know that you can all feel it, for it is on a deep visceral level, leaving you a bit nervous, unsettled, and apprehensive.  So too do you find that your level of sensory awareness has increased, where your senses are heightened and alert, ready for the hush and the quiet to end and for the avalanche of darkness to begin again.  Yes, pay attention to the quietness for it can be as powerful as any other level of alertness that comes to us either consciously or unconsciously.  For me it is the unconscious attention to the quietude that speaks the loudest and holds the greatest power.  Go with that feeling, nurture it, and bring it into your life embracing its full power and wisdom.  

So many of you have contacted me over the past week and talked about this lull and quiet that seems to surround us now and now I warn you not to fall into a trap, a coffin where you assume the quiet is a good thing.  Instead, take the quiet as a warning and prepare for the quiet to end and its end will be very soon.  All too often when we enter a state of quietude we let down our guard, assuming that things have diminished or backed down but this is rarely the case.  It is best to take this state of quiet and go deep within ourselves, observing the nuances, the small shifts in feeling and emotion, and the deeper currents of thought and spirit that interact with our deepest existence.  So hear me clearly, the silence, the quiet, the lull is a warning that should be heeded and prepared for.  Go deep within find the cause and effect, the action and reaction, and the origins of quiet.  I know that some of you will not understand all of this but I know that most of you will for it comes form the place of the Coyote in nearly the same context and words that Grandfather used to teach me.  Embrace the quiet for it is powerful and complex, to understand its power you will then understand the now and the future.

Walk in Silence, Walk Strong,