Spontaneous Teaching

Hey folks,

David here, posting for Tom – he asked if I could put together some video clips from the last Spontaneous Teaching class to give a better idea of what the class is like.  So I put down the osage snap bow I’d been working on, put the experimental survival food bars (lacto-fermented of course) project on hold, and made a short video montage, about 6 minutes long.

Last time we did the class I was pretty surprised – the students really shaped the direction of the class and Tom rarely devotes so much time to just answering questions.  I think a lot of students don’t realize just how infrequent such a session is – here in the studio we were all a bit shocked when we realized how Tom intended to approach the broadcast.  Of course there’s still some elements of the coyote teacher involved, but a lot of info slips in under the belly… So if you can manage it, I highly recommend joining us this coming week for a few hours each night.

Prerequisite:  Standard, Philosophy 1 or Tracker Handbook class.  To register for this class: http://www.trackerschool.com/class_template_details_new.asp?classid=1210&tid=1&id=360