From the Coyote

Hi Folks,
I just want to throw out a few thoughts for you to consider and consider that they are from the mind of Coyote teaching. First, have you ever heard of the theory, or law, called 6 degrees of separation, where everyone in the world is connected by just 6 other people? Also, you all know that the Ancient Scouts always expected the worst, trained for the worst, and prepared for the worst. Even though the worst often times did not happen for those times it did happen they were more than prepared and subsequently protected.
The last thing that anyone should do is panic or wallow in conspiracy theories, yet as a Tracker you learn to believe nothing until the tracks reveal the truth. Are we prepared as a Nation? Has the past events taught us nothing? How many hospitals are in your area and how many quarantined rooms do they have and how many people live in the vicinity of that hospital? Remember that the news media and many forms of “official” information are a form of entertainment or politics. It is our responsibilities as trackers to look deeper, beyond the headlines, and search for the truth while preparing, training, and expecting the worst case scenario to unfold in a very sober, prudent way, free of panic or unfounded conspiracy theories.
I hope to see you all at the upcoming emergency protection and preparation on line class this coming Sunday, October 26th.
Walk Strong and In Medicine,