A Quick Note

Hi Folks,
I know its been awhile since I’ve posted anything but I have never been under such pressure in my life. We are about five to six months behind schedule for moving into the new Tracker Central Fire home, office, studio, and museum and it has and still is one long and hard battle. My family is still living out of boxes and just trying to get our internet up and running took four months. At least at this point I’ve been able to move Celeste and the kids into the home part of the complex, Jorge is now nearly fully moved into the new Instructors House and soon we hope to be moving the office and studio. As is usual during these high stress times I’m undertaking the most extensive class on skills I’ve ever taught along with the expansion of the Escape class, both coming up in the very near future. Frank and Karen Sherwood will be helping Jorge and I with the Advanced Skills Class and to have both of them back helping after so many years is a real treat as well as a blessing.

One of the most important teachings of Grandfather has come to my rescue during these very intense and troubling times in my life. All of you will remember the story of Grandfather and the Fisherman where I say that, “it was an unspoken rule with Grandfather that every day at sunrise and every evening at sunset each of us would retire to our Sacred Areas to pray, introspect, give thanks, and open ourselves to the Temples of Creation.” This one simple teaching, this unspoken rule, has uplifted me, sustained me, given me peace and sanctuary in the most pressing and troubling of times. There is not a day that goes by, no matter where I am or what I’m doing, that I do not dedicate myself to this Sacred Time. Now as the world we live in begins to spiral out of control, resources are being used up at an alarming rate, and the decay and collapse of our Earth Mother declines more and more every day, compounded by all the pressures we feel, the demands made of us, the family and job responsibilities, now more than ever we need to embrace and live that Sacred Time that Grandfather both lived and taught. In times of intense need, overwhelming stress, or in times of joy and love, to take that special time for yourself is one of the most powerful gifts you can give yourself and ultimately your loved ones.

Walk Strong my Brothers and Sisters,
Walk Strong and In Medicine, Tom