The Physical Spirit Class

Hi Folks,

I just wanted to send you out a quick reminder that this is the last day to sign up for the live on line Physical Spirit Class series.  This will become one of the most important and powerful classes I’ve ever held and will become one of the areas of enlightenment that you will use every day.  Keep in mind that the elements of the class, the concepts and the skills that I will be teaching are quite difficult to get across but once mastered a whole new reality and way of life and living will open up to you.  I can’t fully explain how very excited I am to finally run these series of classes and even more excited about the dramatic changes they will bring into your life.

The class registration will close at 5:00 today and because of the difficult nature of the class and the detailed concepts and skills that I will attempt to teach, once the registration is closed and the master list is given to me from the office I can no longer accept new students.  Registration must be through the Tracker Office and I will be using the final enrollment list to contact you individually and collectively outside of the live on line format.  I have big plans for this class/gathering, better stated, Medicine Society, so don’t delay in registration.  In Medicine, Tom