Journey Through Silence online class starts next week

September 24, 2019

Hi Folks,

I just wanted to send out a reminder that one of the most important, intense and extremely powerful online classes called JOURNEY THROUGH SILENCE begins this coming Monday evening (Sept. 30th) at 8:00 pm. This is one class that you really don’t want to miss, for it is not just part of the foundation for all we do both physically and spiritually – to put it bluntly, it IS the foundation. No matter if you are just getting into the powers and wisdom of the Silence that is Sacred or a seasoned vet, this class will take you to places of knowledge and ultimately wisdom that you can’t imagine. Not only is the SILENCE a critical skill for all we do in the Journey to Spirit, Healing, Temples of the Soul and all that drives us as Visionaries but it also brings all the physical skills to the highest possible level of proficiency and mastery.

The deeper reasons and reaches of this very Sacred Philosophy of life and living also takes into the deeper realms of prophecy, the impending collapse, the afflictions born of the chemical cesspool in which we live and the mutation of common diseases that become lethal killers of people, crops and livestock not to mention our waters and soils both in farmlands and wild soils throughout the world. The Silence will become our wisdom, our protection and our salvation from the ravages of the collapse, keeping our family and closest loved ones out of harms way. And it is through the Silence that we will find a deeper level of communication not only with the natural worlds and the worlds of spirit but more so with our families in a manner and depth of understanding that we have never before experienced.

l just can‘t recommend this class enough to all of you no matter what level of skill and wisdom you have reached. To me it is the foundation, an essential skill that is first on the list of skills to master, with no close second even remotely related to its tremendous power and enlightenment. Keep in mind that there is no review – all of the teaching is new and unique. No doubt there may be a necessity to run overtime and if it looks like I might have to cut something short l will put in another session at no cost to you. Depending on your grasp of what I teach I may back this class up with another session only open to those who have graduated the first session. I hope you can join me on Monday.

Blessings and In Medicine,