Hi Folks,

I guess Grandfather’s Leaf Chase Game could not have come at a better time. I’ve been getting so much feedback that it is hard to keep up with all the comments and fun that folks have been having with the Chase. The kids at the 4 E’s family camp this past weekend had a blast and some of the pictures and video they sent are stunning. What a great way for kids to have fun and exercise at the same time. Grandfather and the lineage of elders that are at the foundation of all I teach were absolutely brilliant in so many ways, especially in the way of the Coyote and teaching that can and often does run so deep and life changing.

I thought that it would be fun to take the Leaf Chase Game to a new and higher level. It’s not only designed for kids but for adults also, especially those on a spiritual path. The modification of the game will not only give the body a great workout but also on a deeper level the Spiritual Body and Mind get even more of a workout. The approach to the Advanced Leaf Chase game is nearly the same as with the normal Leaf Chase but with a few changes. First you will need one or more spotters that will keep the Chasers save from injury and second you should only have a few players. The other major change is that the Chasers are BLINDFOLDED. Yes you read that right! BLINDFOLDED.

The modification of the Leaf Chase Game will push the Chasers limits to the maximum level of awareness both on a physical and spiritual level. At first the chaser will think that they are chasing leaves that they somehow became aware of because of the faint “pop and drop and flutter” sound of the falling leaves. Of course this is not the full story. It doesn’t take long before you realize that you are picking up the drop and direction of the floating leave on an entirely different level and that level is not the level of intense or acute awareness or observation but something deeper, more visceral and intense.

With adults it is easy to discover what is going on and how this is done on a spiritual level, far outreaching the limitations of our physical senses. However for the younger children simply play dumb and blame it more on the children’s keep level of observation and awareness skills. Using the term spiritual may tend to scare the child a bit especially if the child is not around folks who tend to lean toward the spiritual elements of life and living.

In any case there is no pass or fail. Given enough time and passing out of your mind any trying or explanation of how you are able to catch falling leaves while blindfolded you will keep getting better and better. What an intense workout for the physical and spiritual mind and body. Enjoy! More to come and very soon.