Corona Update

Hi Folks,

I just wanted to give you a quick update on my thoughts about the Corona Virus and things that you should be aware of. First and foremost remember that Panic and Fear are the main reasons that lead people to fail in a survival situation, no matter in the wilderness or in the suburban environment. Part of that fear of course is of the unknown. Remember that recon, knowing your enemy is what the Ancient Scouts were all about and as Grandfather often said; “knowing your enemy is 95% of the battle won” subsequently it remains up to you to do the research for the more you know the more the panic and fear factors are diminished or eradicated. You then can make rational decisions that are not polluted and prejudiced by rumor and ignorance. It is also good to remove yourself emotionally from the situation and look at it as an unemotionally attached outsider. What this does is to further your decision making capacity where truth and fact are not over ridden by emotional involvement. That’s why the old saying, “a doctor who treats him/herself has a fool for a patient.”

Also be aware of people giving advise whether on the internet or word of mouth. Research all rumor and supposed facts, look at the persons’ background and further research what is said or given. Keep in mind that the advice giver my have the best intentions in the world but the best intentions should never over ride truth. I am absolutely shocked by all the selfish schemes out there that try to give advice or sell goods that could kill you all in the name of profit from some ones’ insecurities, fears or sickness. Please check out the person selling/giving thoroughly for that is the only way to arrive at the truth. That is why I so highly recommend the “Belly of the Beast” periodical from Phil but believe me is far from making any profit from his Visionary writing and researching that goes into that newsletter. There you will find truth.

Please, all of you especially as we enter these very dark times, stay in touch with each other, call each other especially those in the Tracker Family that are advancing in years. That is a major part of Grandfather’s Vision where his Tracker Family and the Children of the Earth took care of each other and even reached out to those who are not part of the family.

One last note and that is just a quick mention of two major online classes that I will announced in the mid spring. The first is called, “Grandfathers’ wisdom on age and aging” and the second one is called, “Staying safe from pandemics” where both of these will have a writeup that will come within the next few weeks along with the time of the net-cast.

Finally, my advice to you comes from the place of a survivalist and tracker who has lived it for long stretches of time. When and if it becomes necessary to self quarantine whether by choice or by CDC order that is when the true test of your survival skills begins. If the worst comes then you will be forced to flee back to Earth Mother and there your skills will mean the difference between life and death for you and your family. What I’m saying here is that if the worst is realized please go back to what you learned at the Tracker School because I believe firmly that most of those giving advice have very little survival experience at all.

Love and Blessings to all of you and you’ll all hear from me again very soon.


Ps; Once again, I thank all of you deeply for all of your prayers. I’m well on my way back to full health and coming back stronger and more determined than ever. The corona situation has not only given me a wake up call but an even fiercer determination than ever.