The Pandemic Part II class.

Hi Folks,

I’m just putting the finishing touches and countless additions to the Pandemic Part II online class. From the looks of the outline I would suggest that you plan on each of the three sessions running overtime. There is just too much that I want to get across and teach you not only about the Pandemic we are struggling with now but those yet to come in the future. Along with the probability of the oncoming pandemics I want to also address parts of Grandfathers’ Visions that deal with other issues that we will be facing in both the near and distant future. Your understanding of the visionary time line and the preparations that you have to make will be thoroughly covered.

The most important issue here is your family, especially your children. Not only am I going to dedicate nearly an entire session to teach you what you can do to protect your family both physically and spiritually but also how to teach them to protect themselves. During the first hour of the second session which will be on May 1st beginning at 7:00 pm I would like to use that hour to address and teach your children. The entire hour will be dedicated to teaching them ways to protect themselves, become more aware and also give them a thorough knowledge of what they can do to help you in times of need. I’ve made sure that I will not include anything too graphic or frightening for them but on the contrary I’m going to make this fun for them as they learn vital skills. In the end you will be able to take it from where I left off and take them further, according to their level of understanding.

This is proving to be an even more in-depth journey that the first pandemic online class was. I’m really getting excited about this second session or Part II because I know that it will bring you a sense of relief, confidence and focus. I’m no longer deeply concerned about the corona pandemic because I know now that it is a warning. It is what is yet to come that has me deeply concerned. However, in saying that the immediate threat is still very real so don’t let down you guard for a moment.

Prayers, Blessings and In Medicine, Tom