Hi Folks,

You’ve all heard me speak of the Demon of Distraction and now it has taken on a new form, that of the Corona pandemic. We can’t allow ourselves to get so caught up in the frenzy of fear and panic that we overlook both the positive and negative things going on all around us and throughout the world. On the upside the Earth is beginning to heal with the most notable of all is the clearing of the once highly polluted air that most of us have to breathe. On the downside is the number of violent storms, earthquakes, floods, and many other things that we tend to overlook because we have become distracted by the Corona Virus. So please, expand your vision beyond the Corona Pandemic and pay attention to the other warning signs that are increasing all around us.

I don’t know why but I have a bad feeling about the months to come, It is a deep visceral Inner Vision kind of sense that something is looming on the horizon and we have to be highly aware and not let down our guards. More to come in future pod casts.

Blessings and In Medicine. Tom