To Elders, Keepers & Family

Hi Folks, I felt that the best way to reach many of you is through my blog post. We are a little over 10 days away from the Pandemic Part II on line program and there are a few things I want to tell you about it. Normally when I do an online class I ask for your help especially with new students. You have graciously helped me answer their questions and I know at times this becomes an overwhelming and daunting task. However with this upcoming Pandemic Part II online class I will be covering things that I have never taught. Nearly 95% of the class is new and some of it very involved, expansive and a bit difficult to grasp. This also includes parts of Grandfather’s and the Lineage of Elder’s prophecies of both the near and distant future. With this in mind I’m going to ask you to back away from answering questions unless you fully understand what is being taught and have the dirt time to back it up. As I said, most of this class is new but I am certain with a little bit of dirt time everyone at every level of education will grasp what I’m teaching. This is going to be especially true of the prophecy and preparation elements of the class.

Dark clouds are building on the horizon my brothers & sisters. Please stay even more aware than you have been. Don’t take any chances no matter how small the chance you may want to take. This virus is fast mutating, the quarantine will soon be lifted and I don’t know if it will be too soon. My Inner Visions tells me otherwise. We are beginning to experience food shortages and people are growing restless. The imposed quarantine, stay at home order is beginning to play on their minds and we will experience a boiling over in the next few weeks to come. For all of you who are highly attuned to the way of the Spirit you’ve already felt the unrest, mistruest and fear running unchecked and building in the very consciousness of humankind. The concentric rings are growing stronger and will soon sweep over the world if things don’t change soon.

The insanity I am seeing and witnessing is beyond shocking. Just today during an interview a young adult said, “I would rather die of the corona virus than live in this isolation.” I thought to myself that this is beyond insane. The quarantine/stay at home order will not last that much longer but death is forever. More and more I see this irrational behavior surfacing and it frightens me to no end. We have got to become highly aware of the possibly of mob rule and stepping back into being little better than an barbarian culture. My God, these people don’t know what survival is. They have never felt starvation or lack of water that brought them just inches from death. Nor have they ever nearly frozen to death or come close to dying on a desert landscape. People have just had it too easy for far too long and this will lead to insanity and mob rule. Just be careful.

One last note. Please don’t wait intil the last minute to sign up for the Pandemic Part II online class. Last class Kelly got so overwhelmed that she had to work through the weekend and going without sleep just to get everyone registered. Pray hard and often my brothers and sisters. Don’t let those clouds get there.

In Love and In Medicine, Tom