Just Thank You

Hi Folks,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who watched the online Emergency Update last night. Your questions were well thought out and to the point which is at the heart of these programs. I know it was hard for some of you to get into the chat room but we maxed out the allotted room before the netcast even began. I hope and pray that it was worth your while to take the few hours out of your lives to view the program. I know at times I could be as suttle as a cinderblock through a plate glass window but I get sick and tired of all the lies that are circulating out there. It galls me to no end that people will try to take advantage of people that are in stressful situations and spread lies, conspiracy theories and blatant misrepresentation of actural facts to reach their own selfish end. It is so sad to see what is going on. As I said last night and I’m bitterly disappointed to say this but I have lost compete faith in humanity. We have become so soft, such pathetic survival risks where we only lust after the coffen of safety, security and comfort. To me those things are simply death.

Also remember that the Philosophy I & II will not be a physical class but moved to the same dates and time frames as the original but in the online format. To be honest I’m really looking forward to this because the online format gives me the ability to press the edge of the envelope, to see what people can understand and embrace. The time that would normally be sent waiting for a class to do an exercise is drastically cut down with the online approach and esentially I find that I have considerable time to push the class farther than ever before. My ambition and vision is to even cover many of the things that you would find in a Philosophy III class while greatly expanding on the elements and teachings of the classic Philosophy I & II classes. I urge you, even if you have had a Philosophy in the distant past you might consider taking it again. More than half of the class will be brand new and very expansive teachings.

Remember folks, please, use and embrace that Warning Prayer, and say it several times a day. Not just words that fall from your lips but a hungering prayer that comes from the core of your Soul’s Temple. Pay attention to the times you feel uneasy, or something just doesn’t feel right then fully surrender, still your mind into a profound Silence and pay rapt attention to the first thing that emerges from that place of Surrender. It will reveal to you the oragins of the threat, its location and exactly what precipitated that feeling in the first place. Please use it often because it will not only protect you but will warn you when someone close to you is getting close to danger. The only thing that stands between you and mastery is you and the more you use this Sacred Teaching the more profound and powerful it will become in you life. Teach your family to plant that seed deep within themselves so that it will unify you and keep you safe.

We, meaning me, my brother Jim and the whole Tracker Family are going to schedule an Emergency Update every few weeks, just to keep you up to date on what is going on. I also want to try to include some of Grandfather’s teachings and Prophecies so that you come away from the program with new and vital skills. These skills of course are not just for weathering through the Pandemic but for use in every area of your life. Again and again I want to thank all of you sincerely for watching the Update Program and may the Great Spirit Bless all of your Trails. Blessings to all of you and In Medicine, Tom