The Online Standard Class

Hi Folks,

Just a big WOW!! There is only a few weeks left before the online Standard Class begins and I’ve been spending the past few weeks refining and expanding the class. As of today I’ve added nearly a third more skills than is found in the physical Standard Class and there is no doubt in my mind that this will expand well beyond that. It is my driving obsession to make this online Standard surpass all the physical Standard Classes I’ve ever run. By using this new format and the one on one communication with the students we have the ability to take this well beyond what I thought possible, much like I did with the Philosophy I & II online classes. Those online Philosophy Classes nearly doubled what is normally taught in the physical Philosophy Class and this online Standard will no doubt do the same.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the physical classes but my hands are tied in that I have to follow the guidelines set forth by the local and State governments. With that in mind where I have no other choice and given the fast approaching collapse the need to teach the Standard Class has never been greater or more urgent. I would strongly suggest that if you have graduated the Standard Class more than 8 years ago I’d take the online Standard. Not only will there be more skills and teachings but the things you learned in your Standard Class will be greatly expanded. What’s also great is that once you have taken the online Standard Class it will be available to you via download so that you can review it at any time. With that in mind what is really great is that when the classes resume in 2021 you can take the Physical Standard Class at cost. That redundancy is a reinforcement of your education. Of course the expansion of the Standard class online also holds true for the Advanced Standard where again I will nearly double the teaching and information.

Blessings everyone and May the Great Spirit Bless all of your trails, In Medicine, Tom