Hi Folks,

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a post and this one is long overdue. Please in the upcoming weeks stay very aware and stay safe. Don’t take chances and as always follow your Inner Vision in making decisions. As many of you know, bad times are coming just as Grandfather said and in the order and time he predicted. I know that all of you can feel the deep unrest and fear in society and it will get much worse. Please use the tools and philosophy you learned from Grandfather; Inner Vision, the Warning Prayer, the Silence and Sensing Presence as you go about your daily lives. I’m praying very hard for the Tracker Family and the World in general. In the very near future I will be doing and emergency online update for all of you.

Meanwhile I’m just putting the finishing touches on the upcoming winter online classes. There are two classes that deal with Grandfather’s life and the way he lived. One is how Grandfather embraced aging as apposed to growing old. The second class is how Grandfather took care of himself as regards to sickness and injury, but more important how he stayed healthy and strong to the very end. The next class deals with the jaw dropping expansion of “The Spirit that moves in and through all things”. As many of you learned during the Emergency Preparedness online class, Grandfather didn’t expand on the power of the “Force” until much later in his teachings and I subsequently followed his way of holding off. This class will be one of the most powerful things that I have offered in the past several years. I’m also doing an online class on Sign Tracking which is at the Soul of Survival. Here in this class I’m going to go into great detail and expansion on the art and science of sign tracking, where most of the class will be new to all of you. And finally I’m working on a class that details the path to a new society once the collapse has taken place. In this class I will detail Grandfather’s teaching and directions on how and when this will take place. A full description of these classes will be out in the next few days along with the dates and times of classes.

Stay Aware, Stay Safe and may the Great Spirit Bless all of your Trails.

In Medicine, Tom