A Quick Note

Hi Folks,

I hope that this post finds you all healthy and happy. I’m both thrilled and proud to announce that my son Tommy has just launched his own web site. Take a look. His photographs are stunning. You can visit his site at tombrown3.com. It’s been a long time coming but he has made me one proud dad. I remember when he was only 3 years old getting down on our bellies in a field and picking through the “vole city”, as we looked for miniature trails, runs and bedding areas. He was so proud when he found his first vole hair. From that point on anytime he got a chance he was in that field studying the miniature worlds of the vole and mice people. Now he has brought it into his photography.

On another note; For all of you who have signed up for this weeks class be prepared to have your sox blown off. This is going to be one of the most eye-opening classes I’ve ever run. For all of you Philosophy Students that have been following the Way of the Spirit for a long time this will tie it all together.

Blessings and In Medicine, Tom