A Warning

Hi Again,

I meant to put this into my last post but decided instead to keep it separate from the previous post.  I want you to keep an eye on the Asian Tiger Mosquito that began invading the United States in the 80’s.  Given the advance of global warming the mosquito is now found in 26 states, possibly 27 depending on what journal you read.  The disturbing thing is that this alien species carries over 20 different diseases and is very aggressive in its nature.  Also its eggs can survive colder winters than other mosquitoes.  I only bring this up to you now because the summer season is upon us and you need to take more precautions when dealing with this alien mosquito for unlike mosquitoes we have normally dealt with in the past this mosquito will bite all day and night without let up.  This one habit really makes it very dangerous.  Stay aware, observe, and Walk in Silence.  In Medicine, Tom