Just a quick thought

Hi Folks;

I just finished up the first session of the Temples I on line yesterday and once again I am amazed at the results.  I know that I am going to be able to take this class much farther than I had originally planned and that is the reason for at least part of this announcement.  I know that this Temples on line class will run over probably by a weekend and when that happens I am thinking about inviting the entire Temples Classes to that last weekend session at no cost to you.  By bringing together both the on line and all the physical classes I can take you further and to higher levels of education, technique, and application of the skills.  I’ll certainly keep all the Temples classes posted as to when this will happen but it looks now that it will take place in September.  

I am also thinking about doing another live on line this class this summer.  Many of you who have taken the Temples class have asked me if I was going to offer any other classes this summer season that they could take since they had already taken the Temples class.  The answer is yes.  I am developing a class called THE EXPERIMENTAL CLASS.  Basically I am wondering how much I can use the on line format and what I can teach via that medium and this EXPERIMENTAL CLASS will answer that question.  I am going to design this class to see what students can learn, how fast they can learn, how much they can learn, and how intense of detail I can show.  

The EXPERIMENTAL CLASS will embrace many areas of survival, tracking, awareness, observation, Way of the Spirit and Temples, stalking, camouflage, and a laundry list of other skills I want to try out via the on line format.  I’m thinking that we will meet for two sessions on one weekend where I will teach you new things, load you up with homework on the final day, then meet a month later for the second session to further your education and listen to your feedback on how you did with the homework assignments.  This would be of tremendous benefit to me because then I would finally know how much I can get across to people on line.  Let me know you thoughts.  

In Medicine,  Tom