The Power of Slowing

Hi Folks,

If you are anywhere near New Jersey then welcome to the tropics.  Heat wave hitting us all week with little let up in store.  The rest of the country has its problems too.  I just wanted to send out a quick note about exactly that, the weather.  As with everything else that you pay attention to and research, I suggest strongly you do the same with the weather and weather patterns and forecasts.  Grandfather warned that this seasons’ storms are going to intensify even more and some areas of the country and the world for that matter are going to be hit harder than ever before.  You no longer have the luxury of taking a quick look at the weather for the coming day, look instead at the longer range forecasts and plan accordingly with family safety, supplies, and any worst case event.  Like the Ancient Scouts, plan, train for, and expect the worst possible event to happen.  Rely only on yourself, for with the events to come help may be a long way away.

It’s also important to slow down periodically throughout the day.  We get far too caught up in our daily rush and ruts, never taking the time to observe, assess, and be aware of our surroundings.  To Grandfather that “Pause” was an important part of his daily life and ritual.  Though his Pause never seemed to follow any time frame, he would periodically pause several times a day no matter how rushed we might have been.  

Along with that Pause he would also surrender all thought and emotion to a point of absolute nothingness, where time and place no longer existed, and he entered the consciousness of the eternal Now.  It was from the “nothingness” of surrender that hidden visions and signs would appear to him.  It was at this point of purity were he would be warned of danger or where there was “something not quite right” kind of a feeling.  And it is for that reason that I ask you to embrace and integrate that “Sacred Pause” into your life so that anything out of place or threatening to you or your family will come into your mind and into your spirit. Remember that whenever Grandfather named anything as “Sacred” we knew that it was of the utmost importance.   

In Medicine, and in Silence,