Instructor classes

Hi Folks,

Again, I am sorry for the delay in releasing the Instructor/Keeper run classes but I had to wait for several dates to open up.  For those of you who are new to the Tracker School, Frank and Karen Sherwood were my head instructors in the early years of the Tracker School, where Frank actually helped me outline many of the classes you attend today.  Frank and Karen are members of the original Coyote Thunder Medicine Society and along with Malcolm were instrumental in encouraging me to begin teaching the Philosophy Workshops in the main stream Tracker curriculum.  Like Frank and Karen who were with me for nearly 18 years as head instructors and continue to this day as visiting instructors, Malcolm has been with the Tracker School for nearly 34 years.  

You all know the rest of the Instructors and visiting instructors, along with Charlie Blackwell who is both an elder and oversees the Keepers of the Wisdom Medicine Society.  I hope that you enjoy these classes as much as I did helping the instructors design their various class outlines and schedules.  I feel strongly that these classes will not only compliment the Tracker Classes but in may ways expand on the teaching.  Remember that all registration and questions should be directed to the Instructors along with registration.  No registration can be done through the Tracker School.  

One final note.  Jorge is always reluctant to run his own classes even though he is more than qualified and in my assessment overqualified if you were to ask me.  I’m thrilled that he is finally running his Primitive Cooking Class once again and with the fine tuning and addition of wild spices and herbs it should be nothing less than epic.  Equally as difficult as Jorge is Malcolm and his classes.  It is difficult for Malcolm to find the time away from his own school, Earth Heart, to run the classes that I have asked him to undertake.  Yet he like me sees the need for these west coast based Philosophy review and expansion classes.  We are constantly asked to hold something for our west coast students and finally the classes are going to happen.  Consider that Malcolm helped me with all Philosophy Classes since the beginning you can imagine what the review classes are going to be like.  Again, I know that you will be thoroughly blown away by all the Instructor classes. 

More to come to the blog site on awareness and man made concentric rings of city and suburbs within the next few days.  

In Medicine,