A quick note

Hi Folks,

It’s hard to believe, given the cold winter we’ve had, that people would be thinking about global warming.  But the issue of global warming should be in the forefront of everyones’ thinking and concern, not only because of the obvious issues but also the hidden problems and changes that are taking place.  With global warming we are not only seeing a spread of malaria but also the west nile disease.  These diseases and many more are reaching farther and farther north than ever before.  It is essential that you take the necessary precautions and measures needed to insulate yourself from these diseases and the vectors that carry them.  Ticks are always a major concern but now added to that concern more than ever before is the mosquitoes and all the diseases they carry.  Keep yourself and your family safe.  Use natural insect repellants and avoid areas that are infested with ticks and mosquitoes.

In Medicine,