Hi Folks,

I’m sorry that I haven’t posted in the past few weeks but all of my time is consumed doing the online Philosophy I & II classes. As I said before, these classes are and have been the most intensive Philosophy classes I’ve ever taught. I’ve cramed so much information and skills into these classes that when I first gave the outline to Malcolm and the rest of the Elders they were shocked at the magnitude and volume of the information and teachings. I just finished the Philosophy I class and will be starting the Philosophy II class tonight. By far the Philosophy I class I just finished teaching yesterday went so much further than any Philosophy I class ever has. Given the new skills I taught not only were their results far better than any class but their stories of success were staggering. I’m still struck speechless with their results. Now with the Philosophy II coming up tonight I’m going to push the class even further. I’m so excited about what I’m going to teach that it nearly kept me awake all night thinking about it.

Just a few reminders. Hey kids remember that in less than a week I will be anouncing the winers of the adventure/learning writing contest. I’ll be anouncing all the winners live online. Just a reminder to all of you that the Surviving Pandemics Part III class will be held from July 10th through the 12th. Again the skills that will be focused upon along with the expansion of Grandfather’s Prophecies will be focused on the skills that he held back teaching until I was 17 years old. He did so because these skills and techniques are for the coming collapse of life as we know it to exist. This class is so unique and the skills so new that I’ve decided that you don’t need to have taken the first two classes to enroll. This Pandemics III class stands on its own and everyone will greatly benefit form what I plan to teach. Like the Philosophy I & II class I’ve poured myself into the teaching outline to a point where I will have to run overtime every sesson so plan accordingly. I’ve also chosen this time to hold the class because it is at the breaking point of the Pandemic and we will see a rapid increase in infections and deaths. I’m also thinking about holding a Pandemics IV class in late September.

I hope and pray that this post finds you all happy and healthy. Remember we’re the Tracker Family that Grandfather so often spoke about where we take care of each other. If you are in need or just down in general and cant find your way back out of the depression please contact us or one of the Elders and we will be ready to help.

Blessings and Prayers to all of you. In Medicine, Tom

Ps; I want to thank all of you who just completed the Philosophy I class. I’m still shocked by the magnitued of your results and successes. The face to face chat rooms really worked out well and with the resounding success of the class it has opened up a whole new way of teaching. Again and again, thank you and In Medicine, Tom


Hi Folks,

No I didn’t fall of the face of the Earth. I’ve had very little time to write my usual blog/post because of the upcoming online Philosophy I & II classes. I’m so determined to make these classes the most comprehensive and intense Philosophy classes that I’ve ever done that all of my time has been dedicated to writing and rewriting the outline for the classes. As I’ve said, this will not only cover the normal teachings of the Philosophy I & II classes but I’m going to add parts of the Temples of the Soul classes and also parts of Philosophy III. I’ve been so excited about the class that I’ve had little sleep and I know that all of the instructors and elders are feeling the same thing.

As I warned, we are watching Grandfather’s Prophecies unfold day by day the way he said things would happen. Now we are in the grips of civil unrest where the pent up anger over the “shelter in place” mandate and the senseless killings because of prejudice has become explosive. It’s so sad that a small minority of law enforcement officers spoil the reputation of the police in general. All of my life I’ve worked with the law enforcement commmunity and I’ve rarely come across an officer that is prejudice. On the contrary most of the officers I’ve worked with are dedicated to everyone’s protection. At this point I’m deeply concerned about the rioting and looting. I have to warn all of the Tracker Family to be very safe and extremely aware. Choose the places you go carefully to avoid being caught up in a riot or not so peaceful demonstration. Use your Inner Vision to guide your travels.

Blessings and In Medicine……. Tom

Another Quick Note

Hi Folks,

I just wanted to let you know that toward the end of June I will be doing Part III of the Pandemics online class. So many people have contacted me asking if I could do more in the way of teaching new techniques for staying safe along with the expansion of Grandfather’s Prophecies. It is because of this continuing positive feedback and the stunning results people have had with the Warning Prayer that I’ve decided that there has to be Part III. Not only that but both Jim and I are expecting a deadly spike in the infection rate and deaths caused by the corona pandemic. I’m going to have Jim (Dr. Brown) join me everyday for an hour. He has been researching the latest findings and some of the things he has discovered is both frightening and shocking.

I want to be able to take you well beyond the physical and spiritual skills you have learned and push harder and further, subsequently giving you many skills you can use not only for everyday life no matter deep in the bush or the jungles of society but will further insure your safety dealing with the onslaught yet to come. I must tell you flatly that there is going to be no repeat or review of any of the things that you’ve learned in Pandemics Parts I & II so I’ll leave it up to you do do a strong and through review of all that I have covered along witht he workshops. The teachings in this upcoming Pandemics Part III class I’ve never taught before yet I could easily take someone off the street and teach them these techniques and without any Philosophy background what so ever they would easily learn and embrace what I taught them.

Please stand by for the dates of Part III. My brother and I have an amazing lineup of teachings, information and research to present to you and you will be shocked to say the very least. Blessings, Prayers and In Medicine, Tom

For the Children

Hi Folks,

As I’ve said so often, Grandfather made learning fun especially in my early years. Yet many of the teaching games we played as children I still use today to help hone and maintain my skills. This particular game is one of my favorites and I’ve found that children from the moment they can identify tracks and signthey can easily play this game. Simply its called THE SIGN TRACKING SCAVENGER HUNT and the results and learning curve is always amazing even for the well seasoned tracker. It is especially powerful when you make it into a competition. It is so easy to set up and play and it hardly takes any prep at all. I can also be played on a lawn, fringe areas of woodlands, forests, gardens and even inside your home.

To begin with and especially if your child is not educated in tracking and sign tracking you will have to take them into the bush and teach them the various sign elements they can discover. When you show them something such as a hair from a deer or a chew from a rabbit or even the variety of scat that can be found make sure you attach it to a story about the animal. In your words make that animal come alive at the point of the sign track. For instance lets say that your find the sharp diagonal bite mark of a rabbit on a bush about three feet off of the ground. Point out to them the sharp knife-like cut and explain how the rabbit, being very small, had to reach up and nibble the end bud of the bush. Point out to them that on dry ground the rabbit would not be able to reach the bud and ask them how they were able to reach it so far off of the ground. Well for the child there could be but two answers, (actually more), for either the rabbit pushed the lower part of the bush downward or a heave snow cover had given the rabbit an elevated access to the bud.

Once the child is versed with the sign tracking elements such as trails, runs, push-downs, secondary runs, manifold junctions, bedding areas, lay areas, scat, hair, bone chews and feeding indicators assign each element a number. The higher the number assigned to the sign the more valuable it will be in the games’ point system in the end. For instance a trail would be worth 2 points depending if it is a major trail or a secondary or seasonal trail while the belly hair from a shrew would be worth 10 points or more. Basically the more difficult it is to find and identify the more point value it has. Make sure that the child can tell the story about the sign they found giving the location, the reason the sign was there and what animal made the sign. This way it is not just finding the wisker of a vole but the story behind the wisker that had been bitten off by another vole in a land dispute. Note; it may be a good idea to grab one of my field guides, go to the tracking/sign tracking section and review the various kinds of sign.

As you teach your child explain to them that the “animal takes the easiest rout of travel unless they are excaping from danger” and as Grandfather said, “an animal is an instrument played by the landscape.” Tell them also that the world of the animals, large and small, is very similar to our world. Where we have highways, byways and back roads and streets so to do the animals. Their Trails are like our highways, their runs are like our main streets and their secondary runs are like the streets we live on. Show them the way that the trails have a purpose were they will lead to watering holes, feeding areas, bedding areas and hiding places. What’s fun for the kids is to take a popcycle stick that is sharpened at one end then print on the popcycle stick something like “main street trail leading out of home”. They can also further mark the trails and runs by marking them with a piece of bright colored yarn. Please note that if you mark the trails make sure you pick up the yarn and stick markers when you are done. Also, the reason to mark the trails and runs is that you can’t bring them back to “home base” with you at games end. Most other sign can easily be brought back and the tally added up.

As I said, this game can be played anyplace even in your home. If played at home the sign is slightly different in that their are human trails and runs indicated by the wear pattern on the rugs and floor but there are many other things especially if you have pets. Here in the home environment it would be much like a full blown crime scene investigation. Much like the kids see on TV they will collect hair samples, fibers, animal fur, seed casings, sand, soil and other things that can be dragged into the home from outdoors. Of course the largest assortment of this kind of home sign will be found by the most frequently used doors in the house or where someone has taken off their shoes. As you do with the point system in the natural environment assign points to the things the kids will find in the house. Again, have them tell a story about how a particular sign was made or how it was dragged in from the outside. In the end, whether there is a time limit or not, all sign are brought back to a table and laid out for tally. If it is sign like a trail, run or bedding area the child will have to show you and tell the story from where they found and identified the larger sign.

This game is absolutely so amazing in that it teaches the child to look close, deep and wide. The game element also provides a challenge not only a challenge between kids but a challenge to themselves. By playing the game they will learn to see things that no other kid in the normal world will see and attach the things they find to a story about each find. The fun part is that this game can be played in a group or all alone. If you are going it alone, simply set a time limit and race to see how many sign elements and evidences that you can find in a given amount of time. As I said in the beginning I still use these skills today to hone my skill and push myself harder and further than ever before. Thank you all so much and have fun with THE SIGN TRACKING SCAVENGER HUNT! Blessings to all and All Good Medicine, Tom


Hi Folks,

I rally want to share this with all of you because this morning during first light I was so blessed that the incident rendered me to tears. Several times a day I will sit on our front porch to pray, intorspect and enter the deep Silence that is followed by the Warning Prayer. Part of the whole process is to find personal Sacred Time but it is also a time to watch the workings and nuances of nature unfolding. My yard, surrounded by over a thousand acres of protected lands has become an animal sancturary. Certainly I feed the animals especially when the winters are tough and in doing so the local wildlife hardly pays attention to our coming and goings. On any given day we will have deer feeding in our front yard just a few yards from our porch. The deer are usually followed by scores of turkey and then there is the endless list of coyote, raccoon, opossum, gray and red fox, flying and gray squirrel, countless birds, rabbits, turtles, along with the grand symphony of the spring peepers that emerge from the stream and cedar forest just 30 yards from where I sit in Silence and revel in the Eternal Now of life and living.

Not far from where I sit on the porch is one of our humming bird feeding stations and I normally sit within a few feet of the feeder. Since the humming birds have returned they visit the feeder several times a day, often times they will buzz around my head brushing the sides of my head with their wing beats or giving me hummingbird kisses on my cheeks. That in and of itself should be enough but this morning when the first faint light of dawn drifted in I was utterly blessed beyond all belief. Normally the humming birds are out and active at first light and because of their high metabolism they have to eat very frequently. Well this morning was very cold for this time of year. The bird baths and few puddles were glassed over with thin ice and the temperature reading on my weather station read 30 degrees. This kind of weather could literally kill a humming bird where it roosted especially if there is any kind of wind to further chill down the land.

In my life I’ve had so many amazing animal encounters from raccoons curling up on my lap to sleep on a cold night at camp to an opossum sitting on my knee to share my dinner to a black bear and I feeding side by side on blueberrys but this one is for the record books. I spotted a humming bird heading toward the feeder. Its flight was out of context, erratic and labored. I could tell that it was far too cold for the little one and he was beginning to fade to possible injury or death. At the last moment I realized that he was not heading for the feeder but directly toward me. Without hesitation the little one landed on my coat collar, jumped between my neck and the collar and settled in. I could feel his tremble-shivering, his rapid breathing and heart rate and the soft feel of his feathers against my bare neck. I kid you not the little one sat in his Tom Collar Neck Nest for at least a good five minutes. Slowly he began to warm and stop the trembling. His metabolism seemed to go back to normal and nearing the end he gave me hummingbird kisses on the side of my neck. At that point he jumped onto my collar, gave me another kiss on the ear lobe and went directly to the feeder. I was so stunned, in awe and struck speechless that I couldn’t hold back the tears. No to be honest I sobbed with utter joy.

Here is one of the most beautiful animal encounters I’ve ever had where I put it into the top 5% at least. It is a grand story of mutual trust, of life and death and the need for us to become healers and caretakers of our Sacred Earth Mother. I gave the hummingbird warmth and protection and the hummingbird gave me a deep and profound determination to fight for the Earth even harder than I have been. As I write this I’m still in shock, my hands are trembling and I feel so blessed that I cant even put it into any form of words. In a way it was also a thankyou from the collective wildlife for opening our home and yards as a sancturary of protection and peace. Here the wildlife can find escape and peace without the pressures of living on the edge of life and death.

I’m sorry but I could go on and on about all that I learned this dawning but I just had to tell someone. I told Celeste and she said to put it in my Blog so here it is and thank you so much for reading. Blessings, In Medicine, and many Prayers for you. Tom

Just Thank You

Hi Folks,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who watched the online Emergency Update last night. Your questions were well thought out and to the point which is at the heart of these programs. I know it was hard for some of you to get into the chat room but we maxed out the allotted room before the netcast even began. I hope and pray that it was worth your while to take the few hours out of your lives to view the program. I know at times I could be as suttle as a cinderblock through a plate glass window but I get sick and tired of all the lies that are circulating out there. It galls me to no end that people will try to take advantage of people that are in stressful situations and spread lies, conspiracy theories and blatant misrepresentation of actural facts to reach their own selfish end. It is so sad to see what is going on. As I said last night and I’m bitterly disappointed to say this but I have lost compete faith in humanity. We have become so soft, such pathetic survival risks where we only lust after the coffen of safety, security and comfort. To me those things are simply death.

Also remember that the Philosophy I & II will not be a physical class but moved to the same dates and time frames as the original but in the online format. To be honest I’m really looking forward to this because the online format gives me the ability to press the edge of the envelope, to see what people can understand and embrace. The time that would normally be sent waiting for a class to do an exercise is drastically cut down with the online approach and esentially I find that I have considerable time to push the class farther than ever before. My ambition and vision is to even cover many of the things that you would find in a Philosophy III class while greatly expanding on the elements and teachings of the classic Philosophy I & II classes. I urge you, even if you have had a Philosophy in the distant past you might consider taking it again. More than half of the class will be brand new and very expansive teachings.

Remember folks, please, use and embrace that Warning Prayer, and say it several times a day. Not just words that fall from your lips but a hungering prayer that comes from the core of your Soul’s Temple. Pay attention to the times you feel uneasy, or something just doesn’t feel right then fully surrender, still your mind into a profound Silence and pay rapt attention to the first thing that emerges from that place of Surrender. It will reveal to you the oragins of the threat, its location and exactly what precipitated that feeling in the first place. Please use it often because it will not only protect you but will warn you when someone close to you is getting close to danger. The only thing that stands between you and mastery is you and the more you use this Sacred Teaching the more profound and powerful it will become in you life. Teach your family to plant that seed deep within themselves so that it will unify you and keep you safe.

We, meaning me, my brother Jim and the whole Tracker Family are going to schedule an Emergency Update every few weeks, just to keep you up to date on what is going on. I also want to try to include some of Grandfather’s teachings and Prophecies so that you come away from the program with new and vital skills. These skills of course are not just for weathering through the Pandemic but for use in every area of your life. Again and again I want to thank all of you sincerely for watching the Update Program and may the Great Spirit Bless all of your Trails. Blessings to all of you and In Medicine, Tom

Update Broadcast Login Details

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Just a Reminder

Hi Folks,

I just want to remind you that this Thrusday night at 7:00 pm I will be doing a live online Emergency Update open to everyone. As with any update, there is no cost other than your time. I am very fortunate to have my brother Jimmy, Dr. James W. Brown to be exact, join me for much of the online update. Remember a week to 10 days ago I said that I had a very uneasy feeling, nearly borderline panic to be exact? Many of you have also echoed the same feelings some more powerful than others depending on where you live. Well I’m going to be going into what and where that sense of unease is coming from because I finally know the answer. I do hope that you can join me and the Tracker Family for this very critical update. Blessings, Prayers and In Medicine, Tom

This Thursday, May 7th at 7:00 pm till whenever it ends.